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Vegetarians & Vegans
Few Cambodians understand the concept of strict vegetarianism and many will say something is vegetarian to please the customer when in fact it is not. If you are not a...
Small villages in Europe
Giethoorn is a small village in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands. The beauty of thatched roof houses, hundred year old wooden bridges, fragrant flower...
Thailand's most beautiful island closed indefinitely for overloading guests
According to Thai officials, despite known by paradise island but Koh Tachai has been ruined by tourists, forcing the government to put an endless ban before it...
Expats's sorrow
I have met, in Paris and Marseilles, Vietnamese in their sixties or seventies who left the country before World War II. They recalled fond memories of the homeland while...
Western floating water season attractive visitors
The two most characteristic sites to visit are Tra Su Indigo forest - typical of the Long Xuyen Quadrangle and Tram Chim National Park in Dong Thap - representing the...
The first night market serves tourists in Phan Thiet
Phan Thiet night market to put into operation will introduce many items, typical cuisine of Binh Thuan sea to domestic and foreign tourists during Phan Thiet...
Thailand Tourism Destination: Nong Nooch Tropical Flower Garden
 Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, one of Asia's largest and most beautiful botanical gardens, is also one of the top attractions in Thailand. Located 20km south of Pattaya,...
Places beautiful like heaven
Namaqualand, South Africa / Namibia: Namibia is arid all year round but this desert has magnificent purple pink mountains. When spring arrives, Namibia is a true...
Village pond dies hard
During a rural hygiene movement some thirty years ago farmers, especially in the northern delta, were encouraged to build double-compartment latrines and water...
Golden Mountain Pagoda - the most sacred place in Bangkok
 With the Bangkok Thailand tour package, you can not miss visiting this place. It is home to the 60,000 victims of the epidemic, and the oldest living age in Bangkok,...
The flayour of Pho
Being a national dish of Vietnam's pho is omnipresent in the country from large dties to district seats, from narrow by-streets to noisy commonplace counters in...
Food of Vung Tau
* Porridge shops:   If you wish to relish chicken porridge or kidney porridge, please come to Lo Due porridge shop at 1/5 Truong Cong Dinh Str. The porridge served...

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